Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yummy Mummys

Yesterday was yummy mummys day. We had our gathering at my house this month with only 4 coming which was dissapointing :o( With so many mummys in our ward I was expecting a few more but hey..... It gave me the motivation to clean the house early as I usually am only starting by 10am not finished :o) With breastfeeding, changing bottoms, breakfast and getting 3 dressed and cleaned its a challenge to have anything done by that early hour. Gabriel wa great yesterday and actually wanting to help and not hinder which was a nice change. Niamh usually goes back to bed by 9.30 but yesterday with mum moving so fast she was not wanting her early nap.
Simone and Emma came by, with Stephanie and her new baby Lachlan showed up a little later and little Chloe in toe. I was surprised to see Stephanie with a 3 week old baby. I know I wasnt that organised with Niamh that young. Everyone sat and talked while the kids ran a muck sending toys flying in all directions. I cant wait till the weather finally warms up and we can send them outside :o) Im looking forward to Spring and its warmer weather and being able to get some more work done in the garden although that task seems so big right now that I can feel the grey hairs sprouting just thinnking about all that work.

Allen has another interview today for another job in town hes feeling confident about it which is nice. Hes just not 100% happy with the company hes with right now things could be better but hes tried talking to them about things but its falling on deaf ears, and that annoys him. Im not fussed as long as we have a regular pay packet and it keeps going up and not down :o)

I had a long conversation (winge) to Child Support this week with still no money coming through and nobody with any answers as to when I'll see anything and why there is nothing there. GRRRRR I hate hate hate speaking to them its maddening! I keep getting told the same thing "the debt will catch up with him....eventually" well thats nice but doesnt help right now! ok enough of that ...
Jasmine has her big concert for the year tomorrow night at the casin in Launceston its going to be huge we are expecting a full house of 400 people. The kids are singing 18 songs and there are circus performers as well as Tyco drummers its going to be alot of fun and something I think Gabriel will enjoy :o) I dobbed Allen in to be an Usher for the evening which will keep him busy I promise to take some photos :o) We have 7 other guests coming so we have done well to help sell tickets for the event.
I better go missy has woken from her morning nap and wants out! I'll try and update on the concert tomorrow or Sunday..

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