Saturday, August 23, 2008

what day is it again???

You know when you have one of those weeks where every day just kinda blends into each other? Yeah thats the week I've had. With so many things on and plenty of appointments and people over it all kinda blur's by Sunday. We are still fighting Niamh and her sleeping in her boots she was getting better with going off to sleep really wel but is waking at about midnight and screaming her lungs out and just refusing to go back to sleep regardless of what I say or do. At least I've had something to watch on the TV at those hours love the olympics :o) We resorted to bad habits and bought her back to our bed which I dont like to do but if it means 2 hours of peace then hey whatever works right? Her boots having been pinching her baby toe and she is getting blisters under her toe which would hurt her and then she gets upset and doesnt want to have them on. I have to take them off to give the toe some air to keep it from getting infected. All fun and games here.

Next week doesnt look much better with all the things on to do ARGH!!! Jasmine goes on tur in 2 weeks its her last year this year after she made the very mature decision to not go ahead next year due to having a heavy school load. Shes doing very well at school getting straight A's so I can't complain.

Gabriel is doing well hes a tank with legs, Allen and I have made the decision to get the kids a new trampoline for Christmas a round one with the net that will prevent Gabriel trying to dive off (yes he has tried the swan dive).

Allen is busy looking for another job as hes just not satisfied where he is and as long as hes happy Im cool with where- ever he works.

Heres our little angel sleeping in my bed she does look very cute its hard to stay agro at her when she smiles at me.

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