Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flying High

Last night we went to Jasmines biggest concert for the year so far which ws her flying high concert. We arrived at about 6.45pm ready for the concert to start at 7pm Jasmine was at the door taking tickets for people, she looked so nice in her uniform. I made sure I had a heap of snacks for us to eat during the concert which was going to be about 2 hours long. Gabriel was pretty good sitting nicely waiting for the kids to come out. Jasmine's chior came out first and sang 5 songs and Gabriel kept yelling"my sissy, my sissy!" he was excited to see her on stage it was cute :o)

After the kids sang we had some kids from "Circ S cool" which is a circus school (get it) and they came out and showed us their stuff which was lots of fun swinging from the cealing and juggling. After they were finished we had Launceston Tyco drummers perform and they were great! The noise was unreal ! I cant even immagine what the opening ceremony of the olympics was like with 1500 of them drumming.

All of them came out at the end and we finally got home at about 11pm phew I was tired this morning at church.

Now Jasmine has only 2 more weeks before she leaves for her tour to Adelaide and the red centre.

Yesterday avo Sarra and Hallie came over and spent the whole afternoon playing with Gabriel they had lunch played a movie and had a good time :o) Simone (aka mum) came over looking for them I told her Id send them home later they were happy enough :o) Sarra didnt want to go home but I walked them back accross the lawn late in the afternoon I love having them next door instant playmates :o)

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