Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boys will be boys

Sometimes I wonder what runs through a boys head especially when I see them (all 3 of them) doing odd and strange things. This week Gabriel has come under the radar of strange things that boys do.... He found Allens helmet for the bike and after crying because it was stuck on his head he still wanted me to put it on for him.... silly. Then as if the helmet incident wasnt funny enough but he decided that the boots would be a good idea to try on too! He was clunking around the house almost breaking his leg twisting it around the wrong way to stand up. Hmm I really will never understand what the heck they are thinking, But here are some ictures of the little monkey getting up to mischief.

A for the other little monkey AKA Niamh shes been really upsetting Gabriel by climbing into his bed at every chance she gets. He keeps saying "no Niamh, my bed". Its funny to watch hehehe

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