Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niamhs Weight

I finally got a chance to take Niamh to the Health centre to be weighed again its going to be a regular thing for a while still due to all the weight she lost early on. Just for the record she weighed 20pounds or 9.18 kilos. Shes right on the average line for weight and height so Im a happy mum :o)
I also had some great news my next door neighbour also a great friend Simone had her 4th child today just before lunch time, a boy (yet to be named) birth weight 8pd 14ounces. Im going to wait if I can to see her when she gets home (she is only next door). I plan on getting a meal done for the family as well as getting all her washing off the line. Her hubby Simon looked really tired when I spoke to him he was getting everyone to bed early tonight.
Allen and I also put the bird netting over my seedlings and raspberry canes yesterday and still found that we were short on the amount we needed...... Its on the list to get some more before the birds eat them all.
I also got the recipie for my grandfathers Christmas cake from mum I made it last year and its very nice :o) I worked out that with the amount of fruit and brandy and eggs that are in the cake its quite expensive to make but its sooooo worth it! I'll be busy doing that next week yumm!

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