Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cooking up a storm

I love having the chickens in the yard and with a super neighbour next door who also has chickens Im cooking up a storm! Ive been baking biscuits and muffins and quiche and heaps of stuff! The kids are enjoying it too with them eating their way through 50 muffins this week! plus over 50 biscuits. I bought some cute christmas trays and bowls on Saturday to put home made biscuits and fudge.yummo!

Allen in his wisdom to help Gabriel and Xaviour bond more bought a race track for them to use and this was what my flor looked like after they played.

I also had a huge surprise on Tuesday afternoon, Id just put Naimh down for a nap and came out and my dad was standing in the hall I almost bumped into him. I didnt know he was coming and we had a quick visit till after the kids came home from school, then he went to his hotel fro dinner with my aunty Judy. We met him yesterday in town and he took us to lunch and we chatted for a bit. I dont get to see him much because hes in Victoria and Im in Tassie, hes coming down for Christams with Robyn and they are staying a week so the kids will love that :o)

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