Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Garden pictures

These are the blackwood tree's and the wattle in the front yard there are a few more but I couldnt get them all in the one shot.
The far side of the driveway with all the bulbs, lots of dafodils and iris

A closer look and on eof the night lights hehehe

more of the roses near the front door, you can see the hydrangers at the back too

My standard Iceberg roses with the lavender in between and the iris in the background

Allens flowering cherry out the front lawn

again more roses near the driveway

Sideways shot of the roses and rosemarry at the front of the house

my tiny rosemarry I planted them between the roses they are going to smell fantastic plus I can use the leaves!

More hedge plants

The herb garden right on the deck above it is one of the littlle hedge plants, they get really huge and grow faster when you put them in small. Thats what my gardener friend told me :o)

My tiny passionfruit plant

My super fence :o) and gate, there are also some natives under the tree. Allens next project is the sandpit which will go on the grass there :o)

The chickens I think we need 2 more :o) Might need a bigger laying pen for them too

My cherry tree with cherries! Yummm cherries

My rubarb plant yummy

The vegie patch its got lots in it. Capsicums, colliflowers, carrotts cucumber, corn, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, snow peas, cherries, raspberries,blueberries,strawberries, lemon tree.phew!

ohh theres the vegies again and the plum tree, and the netting to keep those pesky birds out!

My orange tree with heaps of flowers on it so I hope it will bare fruit this year

True to my word I got the camera out and took some photos of the garden. I also had to take some pictures of the little kids as they were being just too cute :o)


Jason said...

The garden's looking really good :)
That fence looks partially see-through in the photo - what's it made of? Corflute?
The property, and I'm sure house, looks soooo different since I last saw it many years ago when it was but a frame and walls.

katherine said...

Thanks:o) Yeah it does look a bit different it was just a frame the last time you saw it. The fence is made of iron that was left over from the roof (waste not). The gate has been reused it was the original gate to the property so I want it to stay for now :o) The open bit is (I think)the side of the house you can see in the picture thats getting fixed soon with some lattace from bunnings :o) I'll get some more natives to put in the garden bed there when I have some more cash. It takes so long and I need to remind myself that 12 months ago I didnt have anything in the garden so I have done alot in a short time and Its going to take some time for it all to look good. I know what it looks like in my head and I'm just impatient for things to grow thats all. You guys will have to come and visit!!!! We have a spare room, with its own shower.

Sim-Dim said...

I am very impressed with all that! What a green thumb you have.