Sunday, November 9, 2008

who's kids are these anyway???

Ive been more than a little annoyed with Allens ex wife and her new husband this past year. They have gone out of their way to make sure Allen can't speak to him kids. They have a series of systems of ringing and hanging up and calling back so that we never know when we can call. He has stayed up till the early hours of the morning trying to get hold of them with no success. It's very frustrating for me as I see what ALlen looks like when he can't speak to them, and how he worries when weeks and weeks go by with no word from them. We have tried emails with no success as Catlyn's email address is monitored and Allens emails get deleated before she sees them.
What makes it even WORSE is when Allens parents contribute to this absence. They have the children at different times when it suits them and this weekend was one of those times, yet Allen didnt get to speak to them at all because Sally (his mother) decided that she does not want to have any further contact with us or the little kids. It annoys me that they think that they are more important than their father!!!! SO tell me who's kids are they anyway?

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MsKay said...

I am sorry to hear of the troubles that ail you. But I am have a suggestion. When you guys do get the kids. Take as many pictures as possible and let them know you love them. In the end they grow to know what happened with out you having to say any thing. Thank you for being a follower and I want to be yours but can't find the link.