Thursday, November 27, 2008

Funny photos

Last night Allen was going through some old digi photo cards when we found all these old photos. Some are of the kids, some were of the Duke street house before I sold it, some were of the land before we started building.Some of them were funny to see so here they are.
some of the steel there was alot of it!
Timber for the deck and the footings that were in the ground

When we started unpacking it all we really started thinking what have we done?

This was a daunting task

This was our first trip to see the block before we bought it, we made an offer that night.

It really did look like a jumble of weeds

This made Allen and I realise just how much we have done in 2 years.

The front of my first house, I loved the garden here it was so nice and I loved watching things grow

This was our last Christmas at the old house

HAHAHA. Xaviour had his face painted by Allen fro Halloween that year he was only 8, he looks so cute

How cute is this! Jasmine was only 11 and allready looking like a model (height wise)

The missionaries who taught Xaviour they were fantastic

This was the kitchen in the old house I had a great time wreaking the old one :o)

The hall and front door we polished all the floors again they really did look great when we left.

This was my room, we took out the wall and made a sitting area for reading and escaping from kids hehehe

Xaviours baptism he was so excited

Xaviours 8th birthday at the play centre he was in the space room

The lounge room of the old house we took out the wall between the 2 rooms it made it so much bigger and heaps more light very nice

This was the new carpet being layed

It seemed a shame to cover the floor boards but it needed to flow so they were covered

more of the floor before the carpet went down

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