Thursday, December 2, 2010


Bathtime has become a bit of a drama at home. Jasmine and Xaviour thought it would be funny to scare the kids about "the plug monster"so Niamh would go into melt down when she was anywhere near the plug hole and would scream if someone pulled the plug out with her still in the bath *groan* Things went up a notch a few weeks ago when Niamh accedently pood in the bath she was screaming so loud I was really worried, I ran into the bathroom where she was climbing out of the bath. Ever since that day we have tried unsuccesfully to calm her down when it comes to bath time but its not working very well... Here are some phots of pre poo bath time with all three in the bath. Xaviour usually gets bath duty as Im cooking tea at the same time these were cute :o)

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