Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Niamhs birthday

Morgan as a very dangerous fairy
Morgan Chey and Droy aka spiderman, batman, ninja turtle.

Spidergirl hehehe

awwww sleeping babe

Some of the boxes there were 150 packed to the brim

Some of the helpers Leia, phobe, kayla chey, Deidre.

Happy Birthday baby girl

mmmm cake!

Yes its always hectic at this time of year especially when you have a little girl wjo's bithday is in the same week as Christmas :o) This year I made 2 cakes for Niamh one was for the end of year party at playgroup and the other one was for us at home. I platently copied it from another one that I saw on another blog site, so dont think for one minute that it was my design! I did add to it I made it double decker and I added the pink musk sticks because Niamh loves everything pink :o)
We alos packed boxes for Deloriane house yesterday which was (always is) a very spiritual experience, its very humbling to see how many people in our small community are in need at this time. It makes me feel very blessed for all that we have, the kids helped out Jasmine and Xaviour did a great job and Hezekiah slept :o)
After the boxes were done we went to lunch and after a looooooooooong wait , then wehn I went to get the kids from daycare aka Maranda's this is what was out the front hehehe.

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