Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas cheer

Ok its finally December and time to get the tree out and find what we did with the decorations from last year and where did we put all the christmas lights??? Ok after wadding through the mess inthe shed and past the motorbike (thanks Allen) I finaly found the tree and decorations and pulled them all inside. I am fussy when it comes to decorating the tree and the house for that matter. I like things in a certain way and if you dont like it dont help! Jasmine has refered to me as anal when it comes to decorating for Christmas I just refer to it as creative.

Every year I change the colours of the tree decorations (yes I colour co-ordinate them) this year its silver and pink 2 sets of lights that have to flicker and silver tinsel. See its not hard ;o) I also ahve an array of decorations that have been made and bought over the years :o) The Christmas music was playing all day yesterday much to Jasmines dismay...hehehehe I took some photos to show everyone Im hoping that all the kids will be pox free by next week Hezekiahs are fading allready! (go the booby milk). If they are I'll be able to get the rest of the Christmas shopping done and wrapped I dont think we'll put them under the tree this year it might be too tempting for Hezekiah to rip or for Gabriel to peak and blame someone else :o) Have a great Christams season and be safe :o)

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