Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chicken pox!

The best layed plans of mice and mums all came crashing down when Hezekiah broke out yesterday with what I suspected was chicken pox, I had to wait all day till I could get the official diagnoses from the doctor and yes I was right its pox! Hezekiah is actually holding up pretty well he has about 5 big pox and a few little ones around his mouth and legs. He slept pretty well last night I guess the panadol worked :o) He ate some breaky today but not alot like he normally does and he had a huge breast feed! I guess the comfort of it helped. All the kids are asleep at the moment the 2 little ones were sent to their rooms for eating icecream (with their hands) out of the container! Then obviously bored they went to lie down and presto asleep! So its very quiet here right now.
I had planned to finish the Christmas shopping this week and pick up the laybys for the kids but thats now going to have to wait till we are pox free grrr I'd also planned to visit my Favorite shop Bunnings to pick up all the vegie seedlings to plant in the garden but thats going to have to wait as well hmmmm....
So we are stuck at home for at least the next 7 days watching movies and drawing pictures till the pox are over :o( I hope they never visit again!

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