Thursday, December 16, 2010

my kids

Sometimes it takes a tragedy like a death to realise what you had or who was in your life was special. With that in mind especially at this time of year when I look back and remember those who arent here with me anymore, I have been making an effort this year to tell my dad every time I speak to him that I love him and Ive been making a real effort to say that more often to Allen too. It might seem like a small thing but for me its huge I dont say it very often (only to my kids) so when I do he knows I really mean it. Having said that Id like you to know what it is about each of my kids that I love as this is the last few months before Jasmine turns 18.
So lets start with her : I love Jasmine because she has such a strong spirit, I love the deturmination that she has the drive that she has to succeed, I love the way she can just get up and walk out of the house without an hour of doing her hair/makeup etc. I love the way she can laugh at herself and I love her laugh, I love the way she can just pick a small child up and hug and comfort them, I love her monster size feet and the way she can freakishly wiggle all her toes out! I love the way she looks when she's sleeping and the way I can just sneak into her room and still put her covers over her when she has kicked them off in her sleep. I love that she reads and that she has such a strong testimony and I love the way she treats her friends.
Ok now for a tissue *sniff* Lets see... I love Xaviour and his sense of adventure, I love the way he wakes up in the morning all bleary eyed and stunned, I love the way he looks when he's playing the way his eyes light up with joy, I love the look on his face when he is concerntrating, I love the way he curls up on the couch next to me, I love the way he says he loves me, I love it when you tell him something and he gives you that look like he didnt hear a word but weeks or months later you know he has heard every word, I love the way he dances' even when he doesnt know Im watching.
Gabriel is next, I love that Gabriel has such a cheeky smile even when you are trying to tell him something serious, I love the way he hugs you for no reason, I love that he just automatically shares his blanket/ food that he has stolen from the pantry with Niamh, I love the way he wiggles his bottom at me and giggles. I love the way he talks in his sleep and even laughs, I love the way he can pick up a spider and throw it at the chickens yet run away from a chicken. I love the way he runs to the door when people come home in the afternoon, I love the way he says mummy.
Niamh I love Niamh because she is my baby girl, I love that she is almost 3 and still has to sleep with her blankie and dummy, I love the way she curls up next to me in bed every morning, I love the way she copies Gabriel and the way she hugs him when I growl at her. I love the noise she makes when she is sleeping and that I can pick her up and put her back into bed when shes almost falling out onto the floor. I love how she thinks that if its pink then its for "nee, nee". I love the way she manages to get food in her hair at every meal (thats talent) I love that little smile on her face and how she tells me shes not tired and then sleeps for 2 hours every afternoon. I love the sound of her little feet running on the floor and the smell of her after a bath, I love the way she says "love you"when she goes to sleep.
Hezekiah well even though your only small there is alot to love :o) I love the way he smiles when I call his name, I love the way he gigles when I tickle him, I love theway he holds onto my arm and pats it when hes sleepy, I love the way he tries to talk to us, I love the look on his face when he hears the bath running, I love every cry during the night because I know hes here with me, I love teh way he crawls into the bedrooms when Im getting the little kids to bed creating giggles and screams of delight. I love his sweat curls he gets from sleeping, I love that he can find something totally engrosing (such as a clothes peg or an empty box) I love that my clothes are constantly covered in baby drool and snoot, I love those 2 little teeth and those beautiful big blue eyes.
Love you xxxxx

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Sim-Dim said...

THis is the most beautiful post you have ever done. Now where's those tissues. :)