Wednesday, February 6, 2008

swimming lessons

Gabriel and I have been having swimming lessons at the Launceston Swim Centre for the past 2 weeks. Gabriel has not enjoyed it as much as I thought he would. He loves the bath and his paddling pool so I thought that he'd love the swimming but I was wrong..... We have been having screaming and crying during the lessons which is heaps of fun for me (not)! I was beginning to think that he'd never like it but today was much better with little crying even when going under the water! I aslo had a chat with a good friend Jay who sent me to this great web site which has some fantastic swimming vests. I've had a look and love the look of them and am buying one for Gabriel. Check out the site. Ohh and Jasmine said to mention that she has actually got in the pool and helped with the lesson too. yay for Jasmine it means I didnt have to get wet :o)


Simone Triffitt said...

Oh you loved it Jasmine. I reckon Gabriel will have so much fun on Friday, right at our last lesson.

Mouth said...

Kath, you doofus! :)
You didn't actually give the website URL. It's or