Monday, February 11, 2008

wiggily wiggily woo

Today Niamh and I went to visit our friendly physios to check on her foot. After doing some exercises with her and looking at the wrinkles on Niamh's ankles. After doing all that physio stuff they decided that her foot looked great and after some play time with the girls we were sent home with just some exercises to do :o) Yay for Niamh!

wiggles in trouble

I got home from the physio and found that Gabriel had been busy with his new obsession "The Wiggles" we have been subjected to the Wiggles for over a week now. Gabriel gets very excited when the movie goes on we have several different ones so the changing of the movies goes on for most of the day. The problem today was that Gabriel had been eating some of our Zucchini bread and decided that the Wiggles were hungry and put it into the VCR! It meant having to vacume the VCR which was fun for us all hehehe. During this Gabriel kept pleading to watch the next movie hehehe Funny Monday.

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