Monday, February 18, 2008

dinner with the Grahams

Last night we had the Graham family for dinner, it was fun having all the kids there :o) After dinner we taught them how to play the chocolate game, then they decided to play "spoons". The chocolate game is always fun but we put a 10 minute time limit on it as it starts to get wild after that. Spoons also gets crazy after a time, so that gets limits put on it also :o) All in all everyone had a great time. Next time we'll have to make it a lunch so the kids have more time to play :o)

I also got my shoes from my shoe party back in December I have apic here of 1 of the pairs I bought.

Niamh seems to be changing every day at the moment so Im trying to take lots of pictures of her here are some new ones ohh and of Gabriel who is such a ham!

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