Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunday male

Its always funny when someone falls asleep where they shouldnt. That extends to Allen who fell asleep in the chapel again! This time the guys thought it was so funny they all crept out and left him there snoring on his own :o) He of course blamed Niamh saying she put him to sleep yeah right!

Niamh has been brilliant sleeping up to 7 hours at night! woohoo! Im not expecting it to last allthough I hope it does :o) She also had her audiology appointmet on Friday which she passed :o) Gabriel on the other hand has developed a cold as a result of his 2 year old teeth coming through, so he's grumpy and tired because he isnt sleeping well at night. grrr! Im hoping that the 2 little ones will team up and sleep at the same time soon.

Jasmine has started her chior again for another year, so every Sunday and Friday we travel into Launceston for rehearsal. Next weekend she has a camp for chior and even though that sounds like fun its actually very long and demanding as Elana her chior master has them practising all their new sogs for 2 days! We get to pick her up late on the Sunday afternoon and get a peek at the songs for the year.

Xaviour is busy back in training for the up coming soccer season even though it doesnt start for another few months hes out there kicking the ball against the trampoline so it bounces back and he kicks it again. He wants to try out for the reginals this year so Im getting ready for a full year of driving.....

Allen had a full week at work last week and is doing alot of canvasing for new clients.

Dad (aka) Papa was booking his flights down for Niamh's blessing next month, and after Allen spoke to my Aunty Judy (who lives in Beconsfield) hes going to be in stife for not telling her about the blessing. tut tut!!

We are off to the physio tomorrow to have her leg checked for (I hope) the last time. Its looking really good and not turning in at all :o)

Another busy week planned! Kids back at school on Thursday yippee! It also happens

to be Valentines day so I wonder if anyone remembers??

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