Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny thief

Sometimes life is funnier than fiction. I just saw in the news tonight a guy who decided that he was going to rob a hotel in Sydney. He had the balaclava on and the gun ready in the tellers face when 50 bikies came running out of the pokies area chasing him out of the building! Man this guy was running for his life! Ive never laughed so hard! Go the bikies hehehehehehe!!!!!

We had some unexpected visitors on Saturday afternoon Bec and Una. They ended up staying for dinner and played heaps with Niamh and Gabriel. They have ben smart and listened to friends advice about holding off having a baby till after they had been married at least a year. I know that they are both looking forward to being parents Im just glad that they are waiting :o)

We decided to drop in and see my Aunty Judy who works at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in town. Im glad that we did as she thought that Niamh's blessing was next week .lol She had a hold and played with her a bit :o) I bought some balloons and plates etc for the blessing today. Im making the food tomorrow so its going to be a busy day! Dad and Robyn fly in at 10.30 so its going to be late for them but they'll be fine :o) I always love seeing my family down here. Im hoping that mum will come down again soon she hasnt seem the new house yet and Id like her to visit again.

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