Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day

Well yesterday was abig day for our house the kids went back to school for the year WOOHOO!!! and it was Valentines day a day for ALlen to redeem himself after the pressent he got me for my birthday didnt go down well. Practicle pressents are fine I dont have an issue with that but Please! Nana kneeling pads for the garden thats just asking for trouble!

He did go back to basics this year and got me a pair of pearl earings they are not what I would have choosen to buy but they are a 110% improvement :o) Ive always told him if your stuck for a pressent small and sparkliy works for me every time :o)

The kids went back to schhol and Jasmine being in year 9 and Xaviour on his last year of primary school in grade 6. They both were keen to go back after such a long break and seemed pleased with the day after they go home yesterday afternoon. I made them a treat of Chocolate Brownies when they got home. Ive been experimenting with different recipes I like this one I just need to get the timing right of when to take them out of the oven somewere between squishy and cake.. Still working on that.

I also ahd my first day at home with both the little kids without having one of the big kids to help me. Its nice to just hand Niamh to one of the big kids when she crying and you need to visit the loo. :o) The day went really well I got all my jobs done for the day and Niamh had a nice nap in the morning before her feed and another nap in the afternoon. Gabriel even slept for 2 hours which is unheard of! So I got a heap of stuff done while they were napping :o)

Jasmine is off to her first chior camp for the year tonight so it'll be a quiet weekend for us all :o) I think Allen has a project set to do this weekend I hope it involves mowing the lawn ;o)


Simone Triffitt said...

Allen has got 3 mths to Mother's Day to think of the next pressie (he,he)

Jackie & Mark said...

hi katherine
your zucchini bread was absolutely scrumptous...mel would like the recipe..
and hope you got your flowers on valentines day...allen hope you remembered...