Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a busy week

I cant believe its been a week since I last wrote on the blog. All the days seem to be blending together, but I think thats what happens when your a busy mum. The kids have a day off school tomorrow as its Launceston Cup Day, Allen is not so lucky and has to go to work I dont understand why as all the stores wil be closed!
Niamh had another visit to the health nurse today she has now doubled her birth weight! Good girl! Shes going through a growth spurt right now and is drinking alot! I feed her 4 times in 2 hours before she went to bed tonight Ouch!
Gabriel tried to go for a walk Sunday avo out the front gate and down the road, he was being bought back up the driveway when Allen and Xaviour sprinted out the gate. It gave us all a scare its the first time he's done that, he usually just heads for Simones to play with the kids (like today). He really loves playing with Hallie and Sarra, and they love it too :o) I dont know what he'll do when they move away poor thing he'll be lost!
I payed for all my Ebay purchases today so Im looking forward to geting those in a few weeks :o)
Gabriel turns 2 in a few weeks and Jasmine turns 15 in a few days. Its a bsy month for birthdays with Gabriel born on dads birtday so I better get him something soon too. Jasmine is having a sleep over and Im kind hoping that only half the girls turn up as shes invited 8! AHHHH! We're aslo having a family party for her while dads here so she'll like that :o) We also have Niamh's blessing this Sunday so Im hoping that goes well. I know that Allen was stressed last time with Gabriels blessing and his mother didnt help any.... We wont have that problem this time as neither of them are coming, Allen asked his dad to come down for the blessing and help him but he said no :o( Ohh well their loss.

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Simone Triffitt said...

Tell Gabriel not to stress. It will be a few yrs before we move yet!!