Friday, February 1, 2008

Swimming class

We started swimming classes with Gabriel this week. Its through the local council here in the Meander Valley. We have 2 weeks of classes at 2$ each plus we have a free bus that takes us into Launceston for the classes how cool is that!

Gabriel isnt enjoying it much yet we've had screaming and crying every class so far *groan*. The worst part is that I have to get in the pool as well and look like Im enjoying going under the water as well! Simone my excellent neighbour has her 2 youngest kids coming to class too so Hallie whos 4 and Oliver 2 1/2 are in the pool as well. We all travel on the bus which is fun for the kids. Gabriel is so tired after the class that he falls asleep on the way home each time :o) Its very cute.

We also have been taking some very cute (well I think so ) pictures of Niamh shes been smiling at us and making the most gorgeous noises. Gabriel has been taking

advantage of having the camera out.

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