Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fading away

Ive been spending the last few weeks going to and from the Health Nurse office with Niamh. She has been loosing weight about 100grams a week, so she has to be weighed every week. We spent some time today back at the hospital speaking to a lactation specialist who gave me a presciption that in conjunction with the herbal drops Im taking will boost my mummy mammaries. I'm still waitng to hear back from the pediatric specialist about our appointment. I also heard from "Walker House" and a nurse from there s coming out to see me tomorrow. Ive had ots of people telling me Im doing all the right things I mean its not like this is my first baby! It is still frustrating and hard to deal with when she isnt putting weight on and looks like shes fading away :o( It all got to me a bit today and I had a big cry. I just hope its just a feeding problem, and she not sick because that really scares me.

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