Tuesday, April 8, 2008

wii for me!

Last week some time (I cant remember the exact day) one of the morning shows had this new product that you can get next month to attatch to your wii system its called "wii fitness" the presenter was having a great time trying it out and it looked like heaps of fun. We have had Xaviour complaining about his XBox dying for months now, and after seeing this new thing Ive decided to but one! I told the kids about this cool fitness thing and even gave them a demo of what it looked like and how it works. I thought I was doing a great job and was excited to show them what I had found. They were wetting themselves laughing at me while I showed them how it worked (giving a great demo). Well I said whats so funny?? Jasmine was wiping her eyes with funny tears and saying how funny I looked and Xaviour just repeated that he wanted a new XBox 360. My reaction was typical I told them all (including ALlen who was laughing just as hard as the kids) that I'm going to buy one anyway and they will ALL want to play when it gets home! Humph! I didnt thnk I was that funny!

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