Saturday, April 5, 2008

mums taxi

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have time for just Allen and I again. Now that soccer has started again for the year we'll have no slacking around the house on Saturday mornings :o( Its very hectic with all the kids activities. Monday we have Gabriel and Niamh in playgroup in the morning Jasmine at dance class in the afternoon. Tuesday we have soccer practice and young womens in the evening, Wednesday I take the little kids to the library, we try and have dinner guests, Thusday we have free(at the moment) Friday we have chior rehearsal after school and Saturday is soccer and fundraising for Jasmines chior and concerts. Sunday is church and chior. How do I manage to get anything done??? No wonder I'm tired by weeks end?

Next week is going to be worse with 3 places to be on Saturday including soccer, an engagement party and trivia night for chior! AHHH! This is just every day stuff this doesnt include Yummy Mummys once a month Young marrieds for dinner and Relief Society stuff. I'm glad that my calling isnt taking me away from the house at all.

On the work front Allen is very excited about a new printer that they are bringng into work for him to trial. It prints on canvas as well as photo paper and seeing as iits a demo model we get to test it :o) That means free printing for me :o) Im getting a stack of photos together that I'd like to test on the canvas. Officeworks (allens previous employer) has canvas printing but its a 15 day turnaround and its 200$ for an A4 size print! Its still a week away from arriving at the store but I have a stack of photos for him to try out with :o)

Niamh is growing at a huge rate shes just gone into OO clothing :o( so I packed away some more clothes on the weekend. Every time I do it I know that its the last time that I'll have clothes that small in the house.

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Jason said...

Giddy-up. A week between entries is very slack! :P Tell us about that naked romp or something :)