Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whos a pretty girl

After spending the past week going to and from specialists checking my feeding I finally got some medication to help boost my supply. Its helped and I feel alot fuller and even better than that Niamh managed to finally put weight on this week ! Everyone commented that she was a beautiful girl and that she'll be fine :o) Im looking forward to starting solids in another month even though its a pain to start with it will help with weight gain and hopefully sleeping too. She did sleep 5 hours on Saturday night which was nice :o) I hope thats a good sign and it continues in the future.

Ive got a huge amount of people I know who are pregnant right now incluing my friend Simone who is having another boy! We had another friend have her daughter last week and there are 3 others I know of who are due this year. Wow yummy mummys is going to get crowded soon!

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