Sunday, April 13, 2008

soccer dad

Allen had his first day as a soccer coach yesterday it didnt go great as we lost 7 nill but hey we can only improve from there. It didnt help that the other team kept changing how many players that they were going to field. At one stage they had 2 extra players on the field. hmmm??? we also went to a friends engagement party yesterday, congratulations to Adrian and Chelsea :o)

None of us could be bothered eating after we got home as we ate so much food at the party and Allen and I took advantage of the 2 little kids being asleep and went to bed early.

Niamh is changing daily with more smiles and giggles and reaching more for toys. Ive been bathing Gabriel and Niamh together as its actually easier then doing it seperately even with them both being small. Tobight I put some bubbles into the bath, Gabriels favorite book at the moment is one with a bubble bath :o) Niamh looked sooooo cute! I couldnt help taking pictures.

Last but not least I am by all rights a LONG suffering Blues supporter and for the past few years Ive done alot of suffering! Today we played our rivals Collingwood and WE WON!!!! WOOHOOO!!! I was supper excited as my best friend (who is a collingwood supporter) will be keeping his phone off so I dont leave a haha message for him ;o) Go Blue Baggers!

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Jason said...

Niamah is looking terrific :)

As for the game .. it was obvious the Blues had 22 on the field, 4 of them wearing yellow! :P