Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love my neighbours

When Allen and I bought our block of land we were not aware of who lived in town let alone who lived next door. We discovered that Simon and Simone Triffitt lived behind us in the police house. Simone had just had Oliver (their youngest) and after visiting the area one afternoon Allen decided to stop by and say hi to them. I wasn't sure at the time I am quite shy when it comes to meeting others for the first time I guess because Ive always worried about how Im perceived by others. So when we stopped that day I was very hestitant.
After 3 years of knowing the Triffitt family Ive grown to love them very much, and I count Simone as one of my closest friends. Our kids play together and we laugh and cry together. Im sooooo lucky to have them as my neighbours. Tonight Simone asked if she could borrow Gabriel and take him with her to the park with her kids so that I could get tea ready (Tuesdays are very busy for me). I said yes to having one less child under foot while I got tea ready, and to say thankyou I had her and her family stay for dinner. The kids all played after tea for a while and Simon took Jasmine to young womens. We are very blessed.

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