Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Twilight books

Anyone who has spoken to me in the last few months knows that I have fallen in love with a series of books that I was introduced to while in the states. The "Twilight series" of books by Stephanie Meyer. I read the first book in a matter of days and rushed oout to get the second and the third book. I was up till all hours of the morning finishing them and I have allready read them twice. I have given them to friends to read and they have loved them too. I wasnt convinced that it would be a good boo to read at first I mean Im not into reading "vampire" books, but they are fantastic and the first book is currently in production being made into a movie! Its being released this year as well as the 4th book of the series. Ive just visited the web site and there are pictures of the actors playing the "Cullen" family. Im very excited about the new book and the movie coming out if you havnt read them try them please!

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