Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play Group

I made a decision a few weeks ago that I would make myself go to playgroup with the little kids. The theory being that I get to met some other mothers and kids before Gabriel starts kinda in a few years. In such a small town it pays to get to know the locals. We've been ging for a few weeks now and on Monday we were invited to go on a pram walk today and a play afterwards. I felt pretty good for being asked :o) It was nice walk and Gabriel seemed to enjoy playing with the other kids. The mums sat inside and chatted about stuff as we do. Im looking forward to next week if the weather is fine :o)

I am a big Ebay fan Ive bought and sold a bit on it over the eyars and I recently got a "Wags" the dog for Gabriel who is a mad Wiggles fan. Its a singing Wags and hes been carrying it around with him ever since it arrived. There is also a pic of Gabriel after playgroup. He was sooooo tired so when we got home I gave him a bottle and put him to bed wel that didnt work so I took him out and put a movie on for him , after a couple of minutes I went into check on him and he was fast aslepp on the couch. lol Niamh is just being cute she has an appointment with our doctor tomorrow to check her because she has been loosing weight :o(

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