Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yummy Mummys

Once a month we have a yummy mummys group, this is when all us mums get together and chat. Today we were at Mels new house in Deloraine its a great house with a cool garden for the kids to run around in. We had a cookie swap day today, and we all took a plate of our favorite cookies that we made, as well as 5 in a plastic bag for each other mummy and a recipe for them. It was a great morning we ate (well I ate) lots of cookies and got to bring some home too :o) The kids and Allen were very happy about that! The only problem was that silly me forgot to pick up all the recipies! I'll grab them on Sunday.

Yesterday Allen and I had a parent teacher meeting at Xaviours school. It was a very informal chat about how hes doing and any areas that need to improve on. Hes a good student and only his spelling needs improving so we have some ways to tackle that. Xaviour will also be dissapointed when he gets told that he is bringing homework home to do afer Easter :o) Get used to it now there will be more next year.

Jasmine has her sleepover for her birthday tomorrow night. The guest list was set at 5 people, but now its 10! Allen and I were not happy when told yesterday. Jasmine claims that these extra girls just invited themselves hmmmm.... I dont care how it happened! She has been told that its unacceptable to just invite people willy nilly. Im hoping they will all go home early on Saturday.

Xaviour plays his first game of soccer for the season this weekend. Hes decided (wisely) not to play for the Westbury side like he did last year. The team was made up of players that for the majority had not played before. The ones that had wer not geat and it frustrated Xaviour all year with inexperienced team mates and those who only turned up to games and not training. This year he'll be put into another side and his club pressident will make sure its one with team spirit and experience. We are going into town next week to get him some new boots and a pair of skins so that he doesnt freeze this winter. Hes very jazzed about playing this year, hopefully he has a good season.

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