Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fun and Games

Its Tuesday night what could possibly go wrong right? How about the male of the family locking my keys in my car? Thast right he locked them in the car! He claims that he didnt but he was the only one out there, the only one in the car. So obviously it must have been someone else ?!?

After spending 20 mins mucking around with screw drivers and pieces of coathanger I told him to just take the other car and get Jasmine who was waiting patiently at the chaple for someone to pick her up from young womens.

He got cross at Jasmine for now taking her phone with her as I tried to call to say he was now running late (re keys issue) but she didnt have it with her. He then got back and spent anoth hour trying to get into the car with no success so after sending his helper (Xaviour) to bed he did what all men do when things done open .... try to bash your way in! Thats right he spent another hour smashing the lock of MY car trying retrieve keys that HE locked in there! I got cross at this point and asked him if he had thought about calling the mechanis that lives a few blocks away? No came the reply...GRRRRRR! He then called Tom who arrived and the 2 of them spent yet anoth 2 hours before finally getting the car to start (the keys were in the ignition) then getting the window down thus opening the car. He says he's going to replace the lock Damn Right! Im still fumming a little about it my back door lock is now foobared and I have no clue when this will get fixed Hmmmmm Not Happy Jan!

The moral of the story 1. have the spare key handy ( this time it was on the key chain with the other keys) 2. Dont bother trying to steal a Kia it takes too long!

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Mouth said...

Hahaha ... funny! Stop it, my sides are starting to hurt!
Serves you right for driving a Kia in the first place :P