Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busy weekend

WoW! Im glad its a long weekend because I still think I need a day to recover. Friday night Jasmine had a sleepover for her birthday which is tomorrow. We had 10 teenage girls staying over which were rather good really. They eventually went to sleep at around 1am. They all stayed till about 3pm Saturday afternoon, I went to have a snooze at about 2pm and when I woke up we were down to 1 girl! WooHoo!
I took Xaviour to soccer which was fun he had a ball but h was completely buggered by the end af the day :o)
I completed my first lesson for Primary today the kids were really kind and let me bumble my way through I think having lollies for them at the end of the lesson helped alot :o)
Allen finally got me a copy of the movie "JUNO" to watch and Jasmine and I sat and did that this afternoon. For those of you that have not seen it go and see it! It was fantastic, very real, very different I loved it.
Allen is going to be busy building a fence to keep Gabriel in his garden tomorrow I'll take some pics when its done.

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