Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Home Evening

Every Monday night we plan to have Family Home Evening (FHE) this usually ends up being a movie in front of the tele. Not very much fun. So I came up with the idea that I'll invite a person/family from our ward every week fro dinner and FHE every Monday for the rest of the year. This will make me do something for FHE as well as the added benefit of getting to know each family in the ward a bt better. Last night we had Bev Scott over for dinner, after our dinner and a game I'd prepared we swapped funny stories we had a heap of fun :o) Im looking forward to inviting our next family :o)

We also have a guest staying with us for a while his name is Rowan he found himself with nowhere to live after his girlfriend gave him a week to leave her house. So now he's staying with us till he can find somewhere close to work for him. He's a really nice young guy and the kids think he's great. We will try to bring him to church this weekend.

We have over he years tried to help a few people who have found themselves without a place to live. My first attempt at helping ended badly she stayed for 3 months (it was only meant to be 2 weeks) she payed nothing to me to help with food costs or bills and when she left she stole my wallet and all the cash that I had saved to fly to Melbourne for mmy dads birthday. I was upset to say the least. Our second attempt was a friend whos marriage had just ended and he found himself living in his car and working 3 jobs! We caught him working at a friends house and dragged him home to stay he protested but it didnt help. When he did leave he said it was worse than leaving his mums. Xaviour cried when he left they had grown really close as they were sharing a room. Jay is still a great friend who comes by alot to say hi, he ehlped Allen bless Niamh this month. Our 3rd person who we helped was thrown out of her house for non rent payment. She turned up at our back door at 11pm one night. She was disstressed and very emotional. We let her stay, as well as her 16 year old daughter and her husband. It was crowded for a while. It ended badly when she refused to move into acomodation that was made availabe for her because she didnt like the neighbourhood. AFter 3 months of sponging off us and our food storage dwindiling quickly we asked her if she could contribute something to the food budget, and bills if she was going to stay any longer. It went badly she locked herself in her room and when I came home in the afternoon to talk to her I found that she had gone and left me a nasty note about how badly we had treated her! HMMMMMM? Yet we still feel the need to help others when we see it. I found that On Sunday at church all the Hymns seemed to be saying the same thing. My favorite Hymn is "If I have been given much". I've been in the situattion when I had nothin and had nowhere to go. I hope that if we are ever in the situation again that someone would help my family. Blessings from Heaven .

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