Monday, March 24, 2008

Horton hears a Who

Today we went to the movies its been awhile since Ive been (about 2 years) we usually just get them from friends. Today we went to see Horton hears a Who it was cute for a kids movie. It was the first time I'd taken Gabriel to the pictures and he was a pain! He really doesnt watch anything except the Wiggles. Jasmine stayed home and rested from her weekend away in Hobart.

The cool thing about having little kids is that you get to go to the movies and watch all the kids shows again ;o) Allen had a long lunch break and came too Just one of the perks of being the boss hehe.

After the movie Xaviour and I literally dragged Gabriel around Launceston trying to find a birthday pressent for my dad. Hes hard to buy for as he has everything and what he wants he ust buys himself. What he doesnt have I cant afford lol. I settled on a set of 3 dvd of the shoe "Top Gear" for all those who havent seen it its, Its a very funny car show, Im not into cars at all as long as they go Im cool with it. This show is alot of fun the guys are histerical to watch they are constatly getting into mischief and wreaking something usually another car. If you havent seen it give it a go its on SBS just check it out on Saturday nights at 7.30. It also available on dvd. The Stig is their driver on the show who hoons around their test track as fast as possible he always wears a race suit and helmet so you dont see his face its a mystery .... Its the only car show Ive watched and liked :o)

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