Friday, March 21, 2008

Our chat with the FEDS

We've had an interesting few days here at camp Robins. Easter is almost here well its Good Friday today (well technically yesterday as its 1am now).

As every Easter the kids make there trip to see their father in Melbourne this ear had a twist. After recieving an itinerary for Xaviour and not Jasmine (again) I pointed out to the person concerned that :

1. He had booked at the wrong time as per the court orders (you would think after 8 years he would learn to read them?)

2. That he needed to change them pronto.

So a couple of weeks go by and I recieve another set of tickets this time the time is still not right. I decided that I had given him a warning and that I was being very nice by doing that and so no second chances. We got a phone call on Thursday night from him asking among other things why Xaviour wasnt on the plane (he did call me some loverly names after) we informed via sms that he was breaching the orders. Thus comes the call from a Federal Police man at Melb airport.

I spoke with him for about 20 mins after discussing what we both believed our thoughts were about the orders. I also tried some damage control as Im sure that my ex painted me as the super B**** that he thinks I am. I told the officer that hes not going to win any father of the year contest any time soon. I was nice but firm. Needless to say my ex then called again at 9:30 asking if we were going to put him on a plane in the morning? I said yes just let me know what time you have booked the tickets. He basically told me I had to pay for it I said no and he hung up on me. You would think that would be that but nooooooooo. We got 3 sms messages thismorning asking the same question "when are you going to put him on a plane today?" After answering the question twice and getting the same question sent back again ALlen cracked it and sent hi a message saying stop wasting time being a Dumb Ass and if you pay for a new ticket we'll put him on the plane. Well I wasnt happy about Allen pocking a stick into a bull ants nest but hey too late now... We didnt hear back from him so heres hoping that the rest of the week will be ex free. lol I wont hold my breath.

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Mouth said...

Hmmm .. still a wanker.
How does a FED get involved? Did he claim kidnapping or something?

Was the time difference really that big? Perhaps you could have rung the airline and changed it yourself and then told him?