Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Patricks Day

Well I couldnt very well not post it in green :o)

Westbury has a huge St Patricks Day festival every year, they have aparade and 2 full days of activities and music on the village green. Everyone in town gets in on the act with people putting up balloons and flags in the Irish colours of orange green and white. People come from miles awayto play and watch the performers and dancers. Its alot of fun. Today was their first day so they have the parade and music playing till late tonight. We had planned on going with our friend "mother Jacki" , but at the last minute she decided to stay home as her husband is not well and need complete bed rest.

I've been before and its heaps of fn with the Guiness flowing in the local pub and RSL. Maybe next year we'll have some family down to experience it with us :o)

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