Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yesterday was Jasmines birhthday which is usually a fun day, but we had some sad newz yesterday our beloved cat Rowan had been killed hit by a car. Our neighbour Simone came and told us that she thought it was him so ALlen and I went down to have a look. We found him there by the side of the road, Allen and Xaviour took him home and buried him in the garden. They said a little prayer over him and covered him up. Xaviour was upset and was wiping away tears when he came back inside. Allen was hoping it wasnt him and stayed up late last night hoping he would come in the door :o(Im going to miss him he followed me everywere just like a little dog, he slept on our bed and snuggled into your legs when you were sleeping. He was fun and sneeky, and loved us as much as we loved him. By By Rowan we'll miss

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