Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funerals SUCK

The week started off so well with all the anticipation of Gabriel turning 2. Then on Thursday morning just the next day we had a call from Mother Jacki (shes my Tassie mum) to say that her husband Allan had just died :o( Ive known Allan and Jacki for about 6 years and Ive learned alot from them both. They are my sounding horn when I need to vent and my library when I need advice. They are my haven when I need to feel loved they make you feel warm and comforted. I love them both very much. Allan had been unwell for a few years, he had a pacemaker fitted a few years ago because his heart wasnt working (it was workiing at about 20%). We thought that he would feel better after the op, but he was never really well again. He had a serious of "black outs" where his heart would slow and he'd colapse. This is how he left he had breakie and went to lie down in the sun on their bed where he had a black out and never woke up.
Allen (my Allen) went to see him on Wednesday afternoon before he came home from work, Jacki said that it ws funny that all the people that he wanted to see and speak to just managed to turn up and their doorstep that week. Allen was glad that he saw him before he died.
The funeral was huge witht he church packed, we managed to leave Gabriel with a friend so just had the big kids and Niamh. He looked very peaceful his granddaughter stood guard over him in her Army uniform during the viewing we both cried when I came in. I did alot of crying the last few days cried till my eyes stung. I'll miss him alot, his sence of humor his wisdom for all things, his compassion, and his wiskery kisses. I dont handle death well so I havent been much fun to be around, Jacki is stopping by this week and we can have abig chat about things again.
Just a word for all those I love (there are alot of you) your not allowed to die ever! Funerals Suck.

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